Shannon Taylor is a painter, illustrator, and educator based out of Oakland, California. She is a professor in the Illustration Program at the California College of the Arts, and has held the position of Director of Art and Restoration at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland since 2012. Taylor exhibits extensively both in the Bay Area, and internationally, and regularly participates in artists fellowships and residencies.

As a magical realist, her practice often touches on impossible moments, places, or beings, and she often focuses on themes of nature, beauty, magic and the female figure. In her work, gold moons shine through persimmon-colored clouds, magical tigers drink from the opened sky, and ethereal women don the cloak of night as a summer dress. These magical worlds open up hazy slumberlands, feeling both contemporary and timeless at once.

Taylor is part of the new Bay Area wave of watercolorists, but has been working with the medium nearly her entire life. A prolific artist, Taylor has developed a style of painting that is unique to her, utilizing rich colors, layers of blending, dry-brushing, and pattern work. Often confused with oils or acrylics, Taylor is constantly pushing and expanding on the possibilities of the medium.

“In the end it will be okay; if it is not okay, it is not the end.”


IG- @magicmakerdreamweaver